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Decision-makers today want information quickly at their fingertips along with advice that helps them understand technology, business and strategic issues. Research shows that 75% of executives watch at least one work-related video every week. This makes video the new preferred channel of content dissemination for marketers thanks to its immediacy, visual impact and ease of watching.

Videos help you boost your online presence as well as overall marketing strategy, and help your brand connect with customers and gain an edge over the competition. However, you need quality content to gain your customers’ attention. That’s where we come in. CORE Media has an experienced and passionate in-house video production team that produces videos of the highest quality.

We ensure all our video content is:

  • Produced as per our client’s specific brand guidelines and messaging objectives.
  • Designed and developed to retain the viewer’s attention span.
  • Search engine optimised and easily shareable on social media.

Connect with us if you’re considering video as a channel for content marketing and we’ll turn the spotlight on your brand!