Survey / Study

In the fiercely competitive business world we live in today organisations that can interlock their product/service offering and market feedback are the ones that will gain a strong competitive advantage, garner more loyal customers and earn customer advocacy. CORE Media has expertise in putting together and delivering surveys that will:

  1. Provide actionable insight to improve customer experience and thereby increase customer retention.
  2. Help you understand market perception about your company and products/services.
  3. Gather tangible data for better business decisions and help spot trends ahead of time, giving you a significant market advantage.

We provide this valuable data and feedback from the ITDM community by:

  • Crafting the right questions to get the answers you need.
  • Interpreting responses and delivering infographics/highlights to easily understand the data.
  • Assisting with action planning and workshops for implementing changes.

Whether you want a short dipstick survey or a detailed study of your target market—we’ll get you the insights you need!