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  • Make the Client the “Hero” of your “Success”
  • Engage with Clients Personally
  • We can Deliver Anything for Clients but not Everything
  • If we Think alike as Clients, then no one is Thinking
  • When you take Risks, the Client gets Rewarded
  • Clients will Pay you as Good as your Reputation
  • Building Communities of Influencers & Engage with them Generously for Clients
  • Hope is not a Strategy; put a Plan that Works for clients
  • Creativity is an Infinite Resource, the more you use it for Clients, and the more you have it
  • Everyone is not a Client. The Best Business is done at a Personal Level
  • Window of Opportunity will always be Small, so think Big for Clients
  • Make the Client look Brilliant to be Successful
  • Client Marketing Engagement is a Race without a Finish Line
  • When a Client thinks you can or Thinks you can't, either way they are Right
  • Media Business is all about Client Marketing Innovations

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