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CORE - Centre of Recognition & Excellence is a multi-platform new age niche media company that owns and operates proprietary marketing event brands in India with a focus on ICT Enterprises, CIO Community & Technology Startups.

Our products in all have a combined total reach of around 36,000 ICT Decision Makers who procure ICT products & services.

Our recognized unique brand engagements have touched over 600 clients over 3 years.

CORE pioneered both the celebrity CIO engagements and technology startup categories. CORE champions B2B IT sellers via the powerful high touch engagements for growth and sales acceleration. CORE has the power to influence the end to end value chain in the B2B technology space with it's media & marketing products.

Today CORE is the highest achieving, most sought after & fastest growing IT Media & Marketing Company in India within B2B technology space.

What makes CORE products unique?

ICT buyers, especially CIOs are faced with so many choices in the market today that it can often be overwhelming when picking the right IT products or services.

CORE has removed all of the guesswork by providing endorsement, validation & certification of products which helps ICT leaders to make the right decision & provide connect with IT brands.

In a nutshell, CORE media & marketing products provide a platform to give power to the IT buyers to connect with IT brands of their relevance.

Why is our approach adored by our Clients?

Our focus on B2B technology markets backed with the fact that we have a team encompassing the most connected Relationship Managers, Influencers and Strategy Development Consultants in the IT media industry.

Our ability to manage every stage of a brand engagement with IT buyers in-house enables us to obsess and deliver back the most thorough, engaged and valuable event engagements possible.

And we bring together the deep thinking, specialized expertise, proven processes and advanced technology to place our clients at the vanguard of B2B marketing.

By identifying and acting upon what’s most important to technology company marketers/ CMOs success globally, we help make clients ‘brands the most important in India.

Our product engagement diversity means there’s a perfect fit for every client, no matter the industry, size or business goals.

We aren’t just Media! We are Marketing, Branding & a Connect Company…

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